Auto recyclers in Londonderry supplying quality spare parts

Northern Auto Wreckers - for reconditioned auto parts at a great price

Reconditioned spare parts are often 'as new', but a fraction of the cost of equivalent parts direct from the car companies. At Northern Auto Wreckers, our team of auto recyclers works hard to supply affordable car parts that are effectively identical to those that are straight off the factory floor.

We can also remove unwanted, broken-down cars or wrecks from your property or street. Call us in Londonderry for more information about any of our services.

Cars at auto recyclers in Londonderry


When you buy spares from Northern Auto Wreckers in Londonderry, you can be sure that the parts you receive will be in excellent condition and will last.

As experienced auto recyclers, Northern Auto Wreckers' spare parts are fully reconditioned and are of a high quality. Our quality-control standards are very strict, so rest assured that a recycled part from us is a reliable, safe, and an as-new product.


Maintaining your vehicle can be a daunting prospect, especially with newer or European cars. Since the cost of new spares is so high, consider an auto recycler as your first stop.

Our stock is not limited to older cars. We have a range of spares from late-model vehicles, so contact us first when your new car has a part that needs replacing.

Auto recyclers are an excellent choice for cost-effective car parts, so contact Northern Auto Wreckers in Londonderry today.


Northern Auto Wreckers guarantees all of your purchases, and our warranties reflect the confidence we have in all our spare parts. We have a range of warranty options to choose from, but every one of our auto parts is automatically covered.

Rest easy knowing that your recycled spare part will keep you on the road well into the future.