Londonderry's expert auto recyclers

Guaranteed quality at a great price

While there are few guarantees in life, when it comes to your car you need the peace of mind that comes with Northern Auto Wreckers' range of promises. Our reconditioned spare parts in Londonderry are guaranteed to be of the highest quality, the best price, and to come expertly fitted. Contact our auto recyclers today.

Londonderry's auto recyclers sell tyres

Quality parts

Northern Auto Wreckers in Londonderry takes care extracting all our spares, which are then cleaned and brought back to a near-new state. Our auto recyclers guarantee our reconditioned spare parts, so you can enjoy the benefits of less expensive spares while being sure that they will continue to operate long into the future.

Best prices

At Northern Auto Wreckers, we encourage you to shop around because we're quite certain that you won't find cheaper reconditioned spare parts anywhere in or around Londonderry. We've build a reputation for top quality spares at prices that will surprise. Call us today to find out more.

Great service

Northern Auto Wreckers can also install your reconditioned spare parts for you. This service is fully guaranteed, and undertaken by our experienced team of mechanics in our Londonderry workshop. Our auto recyclers already know your spare parts inside out, so it makes sense to have us ensure they are correctly fitted in your car.